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Hydrographics is a method of applying printed design to a three dimensional object. We use a film transfer process to overlay and adhere to your product thus creating a completely new appearance.

Specializing in Vintage Car Window Garnish Restoration

We offer complete restoration of your vintage car window frame garnish’s and pillar trim moldings as well as complete woodgrain dash restorations. We can take old rusty window garnish’s and restore them to a factory woodgrain finish. Choose from over 100 different woodgrains. We have designed and developed the jigs and mounts necessary to achieve a beautiful show quality finish. Our process includes the highest quality AUTOMOTIVE paint and AUTOMOTIVE clears, the result is a showroom finish with the strength and durability of a brand new car finish.  Don’t trust your precious rare trim with a shop that is using inferior materials and methods. We have a proven track record and are the top “go to” woodgrain Restoration Company in the nation, having restored countless trims and offering an unconditional warranty with all of our work.


41 Super Deluxe Window trim Front


Duracoat durability with a beautiful hydrographic look

Our matte finish firearms are clear coated with Duracoat Duraclear which is designed by the makers of Duracoat to actually penetrate the pores of the hydrographic film, creating a better bond between the hydrographic and the firearm, and creates a much harder and durable outer surface protecting your firearm and hydrographics from scratches and wear.


3D Printing

We now offer 3D printing using a Makerbot Replicator 2.  This will allow you to make quick replacement parts for that hard to find item!  If you have an idea and are looking to have a prototype made then 3D printing is the perfect solution.  Before you spend thousands of dollars having molds cut and a large quantity of product made just to find out that a hole is in the wrong place or something does not line up you can have your design made on our 3D printer to make sure it is exactly what you need first.



Looking for a unique gift for that special hard to buy for person in your life?

Everyone has something that can be transformed with hydrographics! Whether it’s a gun, the dash of their car, a tackle box, the toilet seat, the ceiling fan, jewelry, the skull from his latest hunt, motorcycle, game controllers, the engine in the hot rod, kitchen cabinets, the kitchen table, helmet or almost anything you can imagine. We offer gift certificates of any amount. So buy him / her something this year that they have never had before and will certainly be able to use!



Do you have a product you are trying to market that is lacking cosmetic appeal? Wondering how it might look with hydrographics?

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